03 March 2011

I need some opinions!!

We have a formal living room that has never been anything but a place for the kids to play and birthday parties, there is only a coffee table in there.. its pretty sad!  I think we are ready for some built ins and some paint. This is the room, it gets lots of natural light and the built ins will be white also..

And this is he color I want to paint the room, and what I need opinions on!
Hate it, Love it?

It's Martha Stewart for Home Depot in School House Slate.. and I also wondered what you all would do about this?

WHERE do I stop painting?! I really don't like rounded corners or weird little bumpouts!

Oh and I am pretty much loving this little vinyl gnome that came in the mail today, it is TINY, I think about 2" and is by the front door, I haven't told anyone it's there, I am guessing the kids will notice and hubby won't!

Ick, I really need to touch up the molding paint!


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