18 March 2011

April Fools Day

We haven't done anything special for April 1st in the past but I think maybe this year we can do something.. these are some of the cute ideas out there!

Meatloaf Cupcakes.. So clever! Mashed Potato "frosting"
I bet I could get my kids to eat these!

Or Calzone Cupcakes with a little tomato on top!

"Grilled Cheese" made with frosting and Pound Cake!

These fries are also pound cake! Cute!

If you have a kiddo that takes sandwhich for lunch this is eww, but funny since it's just the bag!

Food Networks lasagna, really it's banana pudding and stuff

Making a Jello drink to look like juice or lemonade! Make plain gelatin ice cubes seperatly, then cut into little cubes, add lemon Jello before its set and a straw!

Martha Stewart of course has some good ideas like this

Mashed Potaoes and Gravy that look like ice cream and caramal sauce


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