22 February 2011

Mini Rainbow Penant Banner

While I SHOULD have been cleaning (or organizing) I wasn't! I just couldn't find anything for the fireplace and I wanted some rainbow stuff for St. Patrick's Day!

I guess I did get a little organizing done though while I did this, I went through some of my paper and recycled a bunch of scraps, that makes me feel a little better!

All I did was scrounge through my paper and found the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple I needed, for some I used cards (that made it SO easy!)

Then I made 1 triangle about the size I wanted then traced it, and flipped it over lining the short sides up together to make a diamondish shape, then I cut that out (in a color I wasn't using, didn't want to mix it up).

I just used that to trace out 4 of each color (I only used 3 but I have an extra of every color just in case a kiddo gets to it)

Now I would have loved to use the cute colored twine but I don't have any, so I just went through my ribbon stash and picked the one that looked the most like a sky color to me.

Oh and I used the little chalk pads on the edges because I didn't want it to look too  perfect!

Then I just used some glue stick and went in order and stuck the ribbon down, then folded them over. If I had some of those big puffy pompoms in white I think I would have added those either in between or for sure on the ends, like little clouds!


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