20 February 2011

Cute Little St. Patrick's Day Craft

I got the idea from a girlfriend, but she used buttons and some scrap booking paper. I used burlap and some scrap booking embellishments, I needed the burlap because the flowers were pretty darn girly and I try to keep it as non overboard fluffy as I can around here! 
Cute right?!  All I did was use a cookie cutter in the shape of a clover and set it on the burlap (I also put a piece of cardboard under in case the hot glue went through) Then I just stuck a little hot glue on the bottom of each little rose and pushed it down, smooshing it into the cutter as much as I could to try and get the shape! Once I was done I just took the cookie cutter off and this is what was left, then I just the burlap out with the clover centered big enough to cover the frame backing. I didn't use the glass since the little roses stick out pretty far!

It didn't take too long and wasn't too much since everything was on sale!


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