18 February 2011

Cute little Marshmallows {Perfect for St. Patrick's Day}

I WISH I would have snagged a picture of the bag, but I had to get them out and see what they were like.. and didn't think to take one! But I found these at Cost Plus, World Market they were by the candy and there are chocolate and vanilla in each package, I just picked the vanilla out because I am using them for this

Taste of Home
I made a fruit rainbow last year, not sure if that was mid Strep Throat or when I had my wisdom teeth removed, either way I was barely awake enough to take pictures.   But I know the kids liked it! Can't wait to do it again and surprise them with the cloud marshmallows!
I didn't get to do a lot of what I wanted last year because of being sick or teeth, going to try them this year and probably some more!


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