05 February 2011

Cowboy & Cowgirl Birthday Party!

All that planning and stressing and it's over like that! So much fun today though!
So here are the details!
Red & Aqua were the colors picked by the birthday kids! Tried to keep stuff not too boyish or girly, SO hard! I think this may have been our last shared birthday party!

Stick Pony Favors
 Straw! Yep.. we filled one corner with straw! Fun!

 Rice Crispy Treat "Hay Stacks"
 mini cupcakes
 Cactus Pretzels.. pretzel rods, dipped in Green tinted white Chocolate, then sprinkled with toasted coconut

 Color coordinating drinks! No idea how I got so lucky to find these!

 MnM's and supplies
TINY little cowgirl headbands for the girls

Stick on Mustaches for the boys

Water Bottles.. with wrappers

 We hid little circles (in party colors) and the kids had to dig in the hay to find them, we traded them the circles for a headband or mustache!

 Photo prop!
 Favor Bags

 Cupcakes and Cupcake Picks

The Favor's before the bag. White Chocolate Covered Oreo's!

This is our Birthday Girl... you can kind of see the little hat
 And this is our little one, it's not his birthday but he was still happy to party!
 This is our Birthday Boy! Took a cupcake bribe to get him to slow down for a picture!
 A little better picture of the hats!
 Finnley found one, he isn't picky! He will wear anything!

We also made a CD for each family with the birthday kids favorite country songs.. forgot to snag a picture though!

And is it TOO crazy that I already have ideas for next year?! And September for Finnley.. September is only 7 months away! 7 months is barely enough time to plan!