28 January 2011


Finally had a few extra nap time minutes to work on our kindergartners valentines!
I actually BOUGHT a pack just in case I didn't get to these, that is how busy it has been here!
There are less than 20 kids in his class so it isn't TOO much work, and I know he is excited to help with them!  Here are a few

Yeah, they don't look too special do they?!
Well they aren't, you have to add a CUTE kid to make them fun!

SEE, much better once you add the kid!

I am making the lips for the girls and some muscratches (what our older kids call mustache) for the boys! Just need to find the brown paper around here somewhere, maybe nap time on Monday I can get those done!

They are really easy to do too!
I drew half of these then traced it and flipped it over so they were symmetrical (well more symmetrical than I can draw)  then I cut the whole lips out, traced it as many times as I could on my paper and cut them out, cut a little x in the middle where the sucker needed to go and put the sucker through!

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