30 January 2011

Seriously Cute Sandal Find!

I have had an addiction to Gymboree for a few years now, slowly breaking the habit, very slowly. But one thing I LOVED about their stuff was that they had matching stuff for every outfit, from hair clips to underwear, shoes and purses. Shoes are so hard for me to splurge on because they just don't last and are usually $30! I have been buying plain white sandals for our daughter every summer, this year my usual places have NONE! They all have flowers, or color on them, it is just too hard to match everything she wears unless they are plain white.

These sandals have changed everything!
The cute little bow, see it? It is changeable, which means all those outfits that would really be perfect with matching shoes can finally have matching shoes and we won't be blowing our budget! I already buy matching hair bows (usually on etsy or ebay) so I am not spending much more than I would anyway! These are also squeaky (but don't have to be) and the last summer I think they will fit here. Found these on ebay, searched add a bow white sandal! They also make these in Mary Jane's!

The ones I got are on sale for another 12 hours or so, under 16 shipped! Target can barely beat that!

Been working on making sure the kids summer wardrobes are all ready so I can grab what I need on sale!


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