07 January 2011

Organizing Friday!! The kids dishes.. there are SO many!

I swear they breed!!
We used to keep ALL the kids stuff in the upper cabinets but as the older 2 could reach the bathroom faucet letting them get their own water was fun for them so we moved the cups to a drawer they could reach. 
And our oldest really likes to help with the dishes and setting the table so I decided to move everything where he can reach. 

There was NO room! So many sippy cups and random containers in the drawer that there was no room for anything else! I swear at one point it was really organized but now the baby realllly likes to play in that drawer. (so much that I found a sock, a few lego's and half a package of wipes!)
I went through all the bowls and plates and decided to keep about half of them (the other half are now in the play kitchen, well they are supposed to be, but I have a feeling they will be all over for a few days until the novelty wears off!
Here is the before

During naptime I emptied the drawer and decided we don't really need 12 sippy cups or chopstick helpers!
Our oldest helped me put everything back in, he is SUCH a good helper!

All done, and the other cabinets look SO much better now too!
Here is the before


Let's hope I can keep Finnley out of the drawer now, his big brother will want to re-organize it everyday if he has the chance!

Next thing I need to organize is..
Birthday stuff! The biggins birthdays are in less than a month and I am not nearly as prepared as I wish I was!