10 January 2011

Football Goodies!

Hubby is a Ducks fan and since the game is tonight I thought I would make some more of the peanut butter pretzel truffles. 3 easy steps with chilling in between each one. So easy!  Crunch up pretzels and mix with PB, chill, shape into little footballs, chill, cover with chocolate (and sprinkles) chill. That is it!  Got one kiddo to help me sort sprinkles (had to have yellow and green and white)
These would be cute for fathers day too if you have a hubby or Dad that is really into football!

already shaped into footballs 
 sprinkles and chocolate chips used
 covered in chocolate and used a few sprinkles for stitches
all done.. but they do melt fast so you might want to keep them in the fridge until you are ready to eat them

Go Ducks!

Last year I made these mini PB Chocolate Cupcakes.. 

I am sure next year will be something else with PB and Chocolate since it's hubby's favorite!