18 January 2011

CSN.. and some awesome Duvet Covers!

Ive learned a lesson about bedding.. buying the same size bedding as you have bed just doesn't work for me.. I need to size up! I love our bedding now, sure I can't get it again but CSN has SO many Modern Duvet Covers that I have already spied a few I could use without having to repaint!
This is my fave!
And if you haven't used CSN before.. let me tell you they have AMAZING shipping compared to the other places online I used to check first to shop, it seems like a 1-2 week delivery.. I got our toaster in less than 2 full days from CSN!  And they have SO much stuff, I found some Pediped toddler shoes, and some adorable sheets with cupcakes on them! They have a little of everything!


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