22 January 2011

Birthday Party Sneak!

Our oldest 2 are 2 years and 1 day apart so they share a party (this might be the last year of that) Its a little tricky sometimes to find themes AND stuff that works for both of them. This year we they wanted a cowboy and cowgirl party. There are lots of blue and green and pink stuff around but I have never been a fan of the "sets" and really none of those colors work for us. Red is Ramsey's favorite color and Carsyn likes aqua enough that it would work for her..So decided on those 2 colors with some brown too!
Although I feel about 4 months behind on this party, not sure how that happened, I am slowly getting stuff ready and finding exactly what I am looking for about half the time! 2 weeks is coming SO SOON!!
So far I have made some cupcake pics
And got Carsyn's dress ordered, she will get it as her birthday present (a few days before the party) and she can wear it to her party. I LOVE this dress. I have about 15 pages of favorites on ETSY and was waiting until the last minute to order because I didn't LOVE any of them, I went to order one and decided to search 1 more time.. and there it was, PERFECT and within my budget, newly listed on etsy!

This is the sellers picture since we don't have it yet, but I am SO excited about how cute this is, Carsyn will LOVE it!
She still has this dress available HERE!

I have a whole lot of treats to plan for and make, order and HOPE stuff gets here in time!
I love party favors but I try to keep candy and the regular toys to a minimum. I have a couple CUTE ideas for this party and really hope all the supplies get here in time!

I might have 1 more little sneak peak to share in a few days!


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