15 January 2011

~Big Love Season Premier~

Sunday is the season premier of BIG LOVE!!! We are so excited for the new season, and bummed at the same time since it's the last season. We have plans to watch it at home since it is on late on Sunday's, but this weekend we will probably watch the last few episodes from last season before it starts.. And I decided I would try some new recipes!

I kept hearing about something called Funeral Potatoes.. asked my mom for her recipe and there are a few different recipes online too. I am mixing a little of my mom's recipe with some other recipe's to what sounds best and what I know hubby will eat.

I think this site had the closest to my moms and they look yummy!!

And I am also going to try another new recipe.. it sounds a little scary, but I think it's just the name!

Frog Eye Salad

Found a simple and super yummy looking recipe here

Think we will try this instead of Jell-O salad for dessert.. and if I can't find the pasta, I'll swap it for tapioca.

Who else watches Big Love?
Love Margene's wardrobe?


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