07 October 2010

Random little Halloween decorations

Here are some of the decorations from this year, although I am pretty sure I have moved stuff around since I took these pictures and I still have a couple projects I am working on. But for now here they are!
 Mini bird cages and silhouette
 Eat in Kitchen lighting, added styrofoam skulls (hubby drilled holes through them for me) black boa "nest" and some crows

 This big vase is now full of skulls, and the fangs with candle is actually a place card holder from PB a few years ago.
Countdown blocks and you can see some of the goodies not in these pics in the background of this one.

 silhouettes.. I still need more, it looks lopsided to me.

Promise to share the rest soon, mantle and bookshelves!! And any that have changed majorly!
My kids LOVE the decorations and how much they change, I try to include stuff that is for them and I don't worry about stuff being broken. If it's at their level it's gonna be played with!  We have a few little stuffed mice, a Vampyre book from Borders Bargain section it is made for kids and has lots of pop ups, and envelopes for them to enjoy. The jar full of eye balls and moving books are all for them! I love that they like Halloween as much as I do!

And I am pretty excited to start some more Fall projects.. found just what I needed at Goodwill this morning! Seems like I have a few projects under way, there is always paint or mod podge drying some where around here!


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