22 October 2010

Organizing Friday.. Barbie Mess

Those tubs weren't working.. but so far these have been SO much better! She is allowed 2 out at a time and has to put them away before getting more out. It's worked a little over half the time so far.. I'll take ANY improvement I can get though! These were not too expensive, about a dollar each but they aren't anything special! When things slow down enough and I am looking for a project, I am sure I can pretty em up a little bit. But for now it's not so bad since I have been hiding them behind these curtains!  I made them from some leftover fabric and they weren't long enough or something.. they just didn't look right!  They had been in a closet for a couple years now.. glad to put them to use! They are just hung on some mini tension rods, no more banging up the bookshelf!

AND obviously from these pictures.. I NEED to do something about those bows... especially since the 2 flower boxes on the top shelf are also FULL of bows/clips/headbands, and sadly I have made her about 10 more in the last 2 days.  I have a project idea lines up, just waiting to get the supplies, maybe next Friday!


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