29 October 2010

Organizing Friday and Winner!

Today has been CRAZY!!  Between school Halloween party and going Trick or Treating at Hubby's work with the kids soon. I need to squeeze in laundry, find costumes (they are around here somewhere!), and do some tidying, figure out dinner and see if I have enough time to do some small organizing, and figure out a winner for the Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE tickets! Yeah.. Lets start with that, cause it's fun!

Well I used Random.org and I cannot get it to copy to show y'all.. but it was 9!
So Vicki, congratulations! I will email ya in just a little bit :)

I am pretty sure I won't be getting any organizing of any rooms or area done today.. but I DID do our laundry room a week before I started sharing, so y'all haven't seen it yet, not sure you want to, it was MESSY!!!  Some of the clothes just needed to be sorted for the resale event, I swear we don't leave HUGE piles of clothes in there! You ready to see the mess? 

Then I did the resale event and it was like this

 And these are the cabinets.. yowsa!
 And the after.. now the room is absolutely not DONE.. I need to find some black ruffle eyelet for the curtains and I am sure I will use some chalkboard paint in there somewhere, the wall opposite the machines is EMPTY! It needs something, just don't know what yet!

And those big clothes pins, pretty sure they will get a coat or 2 of red paint!
 I also use our laundry room to hold the majority of my craft supplies.. they were taking over the garage, I sorted and made spots for all of it in the cabients in here.

The tide bottle has the homemade stuff in it, a total pain to get it in and out for every load, I am hoping to score something like this to replace it! I only use 1/8 C for each load.. if I could get 2 of these for a deal I would get 1 for the vinegar and 1 for the soap!

Arrow Plastic Mfg Co 00745 Blue Beverage Container 1.25 Gal.
So it looks MUCH better than it did, and it has stayed very clean, since there isn't that much extra stuff in there! Once I find the other things to finish it off, I'll share those too!
now.. laundry, dinner, trick or treating.. and maybe a little organizing!

Oh, and if you didn't notice in the very first before picture, on top of the cabinets.. is the extra drawer, that drawer (that has been there for a year minimum) turned into this!
Yay for re-purposing!

Hope Everyone has a great Halloween weekend!


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