05 October 2010

New Small Book Shelves

Finally!  We have been looking for something to go on either side of the fireplace, and I am PICKY, it would have been much easier had I been even a little less picky! But now they are built and fill the space just enough. I can even use the top shelf for a little while longer, until Finnley can reach those, the other 2 are already within his grasp.  The mirrors were up before the shelves so I know they are off.. but I am short and Ryan has been busy!  It's already dark here so the pictures aren't great.. but this side has a mini lamp (stole it from our bedroom), a jar full of mini skulls and the middle shelf has a jar of eyeballs that move and light up and a silver clock with a little mouse!  And the ottoman is only there cause I didn't move it!

We found these ON SALE this week at Target less than $100 bucks (I had a coupon too) for both of them!  I'm excited I have some more new areas to put Halloween stuff!
Hopefully I will remember tomorrow when it isn't dark to take some pictures and show off some more Halloweeny stuff!


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