08 October 2010

Last Halloween Decorations Post...Maybe

I think I have a picture of everything now 'cept a few random Buzzards and crows on the cabinet tops.. But don't be surprised if I have a couple more pics over the weekend, maybe Monday, I have a couple things drying right now!

 glitter skulls and bones
 only found 1 book so far..
 glitteres spiders stuck to the window instead of the walls this year..you can barely see them
 little bit better view
mantle and new penant banner, the other side has bright skulls on it, not my style, but for $3 I can go with plain black for now! 

 love the little silver mouse in the cloche!
witchy shoes!

I will probably have a full post of stuff I didn't get to make this year.. it's not to early to start for next year though right?!   Have a good weekend!


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