04 October 2010

Halloween Apothecary Shop

Finally getting to share some Halloween stuff!
I have a pretty big area between my sink and windows, I decided to fill it with little jars full of stuff, nothing too scary though!

Here is the "how to" on this stuff
The books are just paper mache books from Michaels or Joanne's
they start looking like this
Then I painted one brown and one black with acrylic paints, once they were a little dry I used a baby wipe and wiped some of the paint off so it wasn't so uniform!
On the top one (the black one) I used the cricut and cut the letters out, burned them a little bit and then modge podge's them down, I also did some mod podge on the raised parts of the spine so it had a little dimension.

The little balls are styrofoam and come in a big plastic container at our craft store.. NO idea what they are called and I can't find them online.. I got a big container on clearance for 80 cents!  They match the black and white shades I am going for.

The eye balls are from Terry's Village a few years ago and the liquid in the jars is rubbing alcohol.. it doesn't get that nasty musty smell!
 The little pink container says Amortencia ( thanks Harry Potter Dictionary, it's a love potion... that's why it's pink)  I printed a peice of paper burned the edges and mod podge'd it down. The inside is alcohol and a tiny bit of food coloring and Wiltons pearl dust. 
 You can see in the picture below the pearly swirls in it! (click to make larger)
The little rat or mouse whatever it is, is from Ikea. 
Here is the other side
The spider in the cloche did have purple stripes, but I am just not into purple really, so I covered the stripes in glue and Martha Stewart Glow in the dark glitter.
Skull bottle is from Michaels.
Jar with little heads is from goodwill and little heads from Dollar Tree ( I think )
Polka dot bottle is from Ikea and the inside stuff is called Water Beads
The ones I bought at Michaels came in clear and the directions just said to add food color to the water.
Here is a picture of them outside the bottle.
There is a tag drying right now for this bottle that says Toad Eggs.. these things are slimy and weird but cheap and just spooky enough!

And this little bottle has a tag that says Fairy Bones.. tiny little bones came in a pack with other body parts but the rib cages and hands were a bit much for me.

So that's it!  Hope I can share some more Halloween stuff tomorrow!


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