02 September 2010

Halloween Countdown Blocks

I really like all the blocks, initials, names, sayings, all of em. I do not like the price usually. Figured I might as well attempt my own for Halloween since I like kinda rustic whimsical Halloween stuff, they wouldn't have to be perfect! Hubby bought a 4x4 at the home store (which aren't really 4"x4" but close) and cut me few blocks off the end (about 4") and then sanded em for me so they dont have sharp corners and are pretty smooth. I sanded them a little more with a fine grade paper but not to super smooth, I like the woodgrain to show a little, you could spend more time sanding and get them much smoother if that's what you like. I just used some black acrylic paint, gave them a couple of coats and then some modpodge to cover and make it shiny! I used the Cricut machine and some Halloween scrapbook paper to cut the numbers out, then mod podge them on too. I didn't add anything else to them or rough the paint up at all. I might, but I want to see them out with the other Halloween stuff before I decide!

My blocks have 1 block with 1-6 and the other has 1,2 7,8,9 and 0. I can do a 32 day countdown, since I don't have 2 3 sides! I put the numbers on random, so they aren't all the same way or in any order on the block. I wasn't worried about them looking too perfect, I have a feeling some little people at our house will enjoy finding the right numbers!  There is still a lot of 4x4 left and with how fast and easy this was I am pretty sure there will be a Thanksgiving and Christmas set coming soon! 

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