07 September 2010

Halloween birds 'n' cages

I love Michael's craft store, LOVE it! I go a few times a month and always find something I can use. This time I found these little bird cages.. little and in the $ section!  Not colors I am interested in but they also had spray paint on clearance for 99 cents!!

I am in a Halloween mood already so I spray painted 1 silver, 1 alluminum (color on the can) and 1 black!

And I had a little bird and bat already, I just grabbed the little owl and hoped he was small enough to fit!
Stuck em in there and put one on the tree, the tree is new and hasn't been out of the package enough for the limbs to relax, but you get the idea!  Here are some pics of them done, I am excited to actually get Halloween stuff out soon, 2 weeks!

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