16 September 2010

~Corn Pop Treats~

I love Fall! Ready for a few trips to the pumpkin patch and corn maze! Thinking I can bring these for a snack on the way home. Kids can help which they will love! Easy to make, marshmallows, a little butter and corn pops cereal. I didn't measure but I'm sure you could use the rice crispy treats recipe. I just lined a cookie sheet with wax paper ahead of time.Microwaved the marshmallows and butter then mixed the corn pops in. Once they were kind of cooled I just tried to form them into little corn cob shapes and let them set on the wax paprt. They are too big though, smaller next time for sure! And maybe wrap them in some cute little papers!

Working on birthday stuff! 1 week from Saturday! Got some last minute ideas I'm trying to squeeze in there too. Might have one more sneak peak before his party!


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