26 August 2010

Super easy 1 dish 5 minute S'mores Yumminess!

My friend Kat posted  about her S'mores Bark, totally my kind of thing, I knew I would want to make these! Picked up some Goden Grahams and mini marshmallows at the store came home and planned to make these with the mini's after nap. Started reading the ingredients, holy smokes 2 pounds of chocolate, I don't think I have that much! Not about to run back out to the store, so I took the basic idea and did about half the chocolate! I don't know if mine looks the same as hers but it still has the same ingredients. So thanks Kat for the yummy idea, my mini's love it!

Here is what I did with the same ingredients!
~Melted 1 C chocolate, I used the discs from the baking store that I bought for the chocolate fountain.
melt it in a BIG bowl on defrost setting, stir it every minute and it should take about 3 minutes total to be melted.
~While it is melting get your bag of marshmallows and Golden Grahams out
~Once the choc is melted I dumped 1 1/2C Marshmallows and 1 3/4 C Golden Grahams ( I did more cereal than marshmallows because atleast the cereal has a *tiny* bit of nutritional value compared to the marshmallows)
~Stir it all together until the marshmallows and cereal are coated, my version gave them a light coating, I could still see the grooves in the cereal.
~Line a cookie sheet with foil or wax paper, so you don't add to your dirty dish pile, and it comes off a little easier too.
~ Spread the mixture onto the pan and put it in the fridge until the chocolate sets.
~ Remove and break into smaller pieces, I just put ours in a bowl, I have a feeling it won't last long enough to need a baggie!


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