19 August 2010

It's National Potato Day!

I didn't know that until this morning.. but I was sure I can throw something potato-y together for dinner!
Checked my pantry and fridge and sure enough just what I need for potato soup! I don't really cook from recipe's much, sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad thing!  So today I am kinda flying by the seat of my pants with this soup since it's not my usual!
I cut up 6 potatoes into bite size pieces, bite size here is kid bite size!
I browned..err fried maybe?  half the potato pieces in some bacon grease.
While that was cooking I mixed some chicken stock, dill, nutmeg and white pepper.. a pinch, dash, however much you like!
Then I looked in the fridge.. whoops.. no cream or  half and half.. but I do have some cream cheese! I scooped about 1/3 of the 8 ounce package in and whisked all that together. Then added the potato pieces, all of them, the fried and non fried. I don't usually fry any of them, but my mom says I am doing it wrong.. so thought I might do it her way, well halfway her way!  So they are cooking away now. I hope it turns out!  I plan on serving the soup with some options of bacon, cheese, corn, and some chicken breast bites (it's what the kids like!)
And if I can get all 3 of the kids wrangled and to the grocery store I am going to make this cute dessert, but mini sized!

It's vanilla ice cream, rolled in coco powder, scooped out middle with whipped cream and sprinkles (in this picture though they are pistachio's)

I'm kind of excited to see what other "national" days I don't know about.. hopefully I can post about them a little ahead of time in the future!


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