29 August 2010

Fall Cleaning Already?!

It's almost time to start Fall cleaning again! Doesn't feel like it has been a year since my last POSTS about this! I think having an infant makes the days long and the year seem short!  For me, summer means more time doing fun stuff and less time cleaning or worrying about what I didn't get to! Not only is it too hot to clean but the school age kids don't have to be picked up and dropped off and we can actually go do something! School here starts Sept 7th for our Kindergartner and the baby's first birthday is 2 and a half weeks later! 2 and a half weeks is not a lot of time to get ALL the cleaning done, but I think with some extra planning I can pull it off!

Getting all of this stuff done in that time frame means planning ahead and having my lists ready!  I'm sure I could re-post last years posts but I'm sure I missed something then or I use something entirely different now!

First thing I need to do is get my supplies ready! Here is my supply list!

Then the things that probably need done in every room here are

~washing the walls, I just use a old towel and a vinegar/water mix.

~Windows need washed and its a good idea to clean the tracks before anything can get too caked on, and right now it's just dust, but once it rains, it's mud!

~Baseboards, I vacuum them first, if that doesn't make them look clean, just a quick wipe down with the vinegar/water mix, if they are still bad or having red paint on them (thank you little Lightning Mcqueen car) I just touch up the paint!

~Our white doors get DIRTY! All those cute grubby little finger prints have to go though! Treat the doors the same way as baseboards, but they usually need a magic eraser too!

~Carpets need cleaned, sometimes just a spot cleaning. Here, the area rugs get some baking soda sprinkled and the kids have to "dance" to get the baking soda in realllly good, (they like to help and I'm not worried about baking soda!) I just vacuum it up when I have a chance.

~Finally, paint touch ups. We have kids, kids and flat wall paint don't mix, so we always have a few spots that need attention!
I will post ALL of the tasks I do in each room soon. On my lists at home I have the approx. time they take me, so if I have even a little window of time I can usually squeeze 1 thing in! 
I am not doing any cleaning yet though! Going to enjoy this last week of Summer with the kids and prep for the first week of school and all the new and different things it means for our family and house.


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