12 August 2010

Back to School Decorations

Alrighty things have changed, gotten better since last years decorations!  Check them out HERE!

Some stuff I did the same and I have added a bit more!  The Apples on the chandelier.. still love em!!
But over the last year I did find some great little things and I am still on the hunt for a few perfect things, I know what I want, just can't find it! When I think of Back to School (BTS) I think of PBnJ, Apples, school supplies and knee socks, I love knee socks! People with interior design degrees probably associate fall with great fall themed decorations like these.

This is my trusty feather wreath with a BTS makeover!  I just added a HUGE eraser, a ruler and some little apples!

Found these HUGE apples and it fits just snug in my fave bell jar and stand!

Found this little plush apple in the $ section at Joanne's!  Filled a jar with pencils.. I like the simple look of these 2 together and they are both very BTS for me!

My favorite BTS Goodwill find.. this metal schoolhouse candleholder! And the matching mini jar to the pencil jar, filled with mini apples!

And the garland I just finished..

And my unfinished project.. I took a $1 frame from the craft store, asked hubby to cut some rulers to fit, glued them onto the frame, rubbed with a little brown paint... and now I am waiting.. waiting for a vinyl G in the right size!

I also have a BIG jar of apples but I don't know where that picture went and a little apothecary jar full of crayons, that picture just looks like a blurry mess!

So here are some things I look forward to next year, or the year after!
This CUTE Apple beret from Gymboree.
Well this one is the cherry version, the apple is a little brighter! I don't know how to make stuff like this, but a homemade version would be SO cute for the 1st day!!

This ADORABLE pillow.. found on ETSY

I REALLY want to make these, might be able to squeeze them in this year still, but I would just do 1 for each kiddo, found these on a cute blog, but I can't recall which one.. Please if it's yours let me know so I can link!

Ive been on the look out for a long skinny sign with the Pledge of Allegiance, haven't found it yet but I do like this smaller version

I LOVE this idea.. not sure I am ready to tackle it though.. found HERE

I do have 1 more project I am working on.. not ready to share it yet, but SOON.. I am way giddy over it!! Hope I can have it finished by next week!! Come back and look for it, my best $10 project yet!

If it's already BTS for you have a great week! We have a couple weeks to go!


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