14 June 2010

Cotton Candy Pops!

I know how super cute the cake pops and marhsmallow pops are, and yummy of course. But my daughter won't touch the marshmallow pops and I am not about to bake any cake this summer, gets way to hot for that.. so I was thinking what other too much sugar treat can I do the basic same thing with.. and decided I would atleast try to make some chocolate covered cotton candy. It's a $1 experiment if you have eveyrthing but the cotton candy.  Took me a few tries on how to smoosh the cotton candy into a small ball, and they were ALL lumpy but I had about half of a naptime to work on them, and I was not about to spend more time if they didn't taste good! So I made just a few to try..
Candy Melts, Cotton Candy, and sucker sticks is all you need!

I start by putting a plate or cookie sheet in the fridge to chill. Then melt some of your candy melts, while they are melting I rolled a little of the Cotton Candy into a little bit smaller balls than a big Marshmallow. I only made about 10, rolled them (more like smooshing than rolling actually) and poked a hole with one of the sucker sticks and set them aside.. once the chocolate is melted, dip a sucker stick in the chocolate and then into the cotton candy puff hole, then place them onto the plate in the fridge. The chocolate holding the stick needs to harden up before you cover the rest.  Once they are hardened (just a couple minutes) I used a butter knife to spread the melts over the whole puff (they didnt hold up well to rolling them in the chocolate), then turned them upside down on the plate and back into the fridge to set.
The less you play with them to make them puffs, the better they stay together, the more they are handled the crumblier they get.
My kids thought they were yummy! They are definitely sweet, super sweet. But for those kids or parties that marshmallow pops or cake pops won't work, these might!


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