19 May 2010

Summer time diapers that look like Jeans?!

Well Summer is almost here!  Found these online..  had to have them for a couple reasons..
1. I am probably going to do less cloth diapering in the summer because I don't want to run the washer/dryer more than I HAVE to. Gets too darn hot!

2. I haven't bought the baby much as far as shorts go, now I am not going to.  Cute Diaper and a shirt are fine with me! And again with the laundry.

These are sold out on some sites already!  Our Targets are just getting them, not even unloading until tomorrow, but I was able to get them to pull a box out for me :)

Since they are huggies, and we have had good luck with them, I am hoping the quality will be the same.
And use those coupons if you have em!


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