06 March 2010

St.Patrick's Day treats!

It's less than 2 weeks away! I have a couple new decorations and some food stuff I can't wait to do!

I for sure want to make rainbow cupcakes! I plan on using cool whip on top.. it's so puffy and like clouds it's perfect! I'm going to cheat and use a mix for the cupcakes, BUT I want it to be super yummy so I am skipping the water and using Irish Cream Coffee Creamer instead.. I might mix a little in the Cool Whip too! Wilton has BIG sprinkles now and some are just circles but come in a multicolor pack.. if I still have some left I think I might dig some of the yellow ones out and put a little luster dust on them (edible glittery stuff from wilton) so they look like gold coins.

For snack that day I am planning on making a Rainbow fruit plate.. Strawberries, oranges (maybe the little canned mandarin ones) pineapple, green grapes, blueberries and some dark grapes if I can find them. And some vanilla yogurt (with marshmallows on top) for clouds!

This is a cute idea.. maybe for next year! From Semi-Homemade

It's a Ice Cream "baked potato"! Now if I was doing this, no way would I buy a whole thing of frosting to make such a small thing for butter..and I wouldn't want to eat a chunk of frosting either. I would just use a few Wilton white choc candy melts and add some yellow.. in a piping bag (or sandwich bag) and draw a thick square on wax paper and stick it in the fridge to set.

I got all these little vases this year, random places but they work great together, the big and little ones both have polka dots! Big one is from Ikea for $0.79! Green one was Michaels for just over $1 on sale and the little one from Craft Warehouse for $0.99.

I saw this on a blog (cannot remember where now!) Thought it was a unique idea and not so sparkly and generic like just about all the store bought decorations. I would be afraid of the bugs you might attract, but maybe if you hot glue them it wouldn't be a big deal, or maybe even use fake potatoes if you can find them!

I am planning on having the kids decorate their little baby food jar kettle's this week. I am excited that they are both old enough to follow the sprinkles trail this year!

I am still Spring Cleaning.. a little everyday.  I will have a Spring Cleaning bathroom post soon!


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