25 March 2010

Ready to spend some time outside.. when it stops raining!

It was SO nice here the last few days... Let the baby play in his jumper outside!
Last year we were outside a lot and the kids ask to eat outside just about everyday!...We didn't have any kid friendly sit and eat area's....but we do now! I have been on the hunt for a cheap or free table on Craigslist, nothing special, plain was best since I had plans to cover it anyway. Found one on Criagslist for free! It was just plain wood but I made some cheap changes so it could go AND stay outside!

~First I spray painted the legs white (I should NOT be allowed to use spray paint!)

~Then rolled out some oil cloth upside down (LOVE OIL CLOTH!) moved the table onto it and started with the staple gun! It took a couple of days but not a lot of time. I just was working in 10 minute increments! So the top is covered and spill proof and water proof, chalk, dirt, juice all of that can be wiped (or hosed) right off!

I have a bench about the right size that is getting the same treatment, when I get more Oil cloth!
We also got the kids a little picnic table at target.. it is small but sometimes there are a lot of little's over here and we want to make sure there is a place for everyone! I will say that I don't recommend the picnic table from Target.. it was a little spendy (if you didn't have a coupon) and it's not the best quality, ours was missing some screws and a piece was scratched. I called the number on the instructions that specifically say "Do not return item to store, call customer service for replacement parts" I left a message and got a call 3 days later that they do not carry ANY parts for the picnic table. Oh well.. home depot had some screws that worked and I can deal with the scratch!  The kids got to use it a little the other day... I think they liked it!

I started our veggies inside a week or 2 ago.. they are already ready to be moved outside! Guess that means we should be getting to work on our garden area huh?! I have tried planting stuff before and I am a HORRIBLE gardener, seriously horrible! I was SO pleased the other day that something I planted actually lasted through last summer and over the Winter.. it's not brown or dead! That is a big deal for me!

We got some cute blueberry plants called "Pink Lemonade" Blueberries! They look cute, the berries are pink and light yellow! I haven't killed them in the 3 weeks we have had them! I am keeping them in containers for this year.. to make sure I can keep them alive! We have a few nice days this week and a TON to do outside! I am actually a little excited, yard work is not usually something I enjoy that much but this year feels different!

Hope everyone is having a good Spring Break week!


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