04 March 2010

More Spring Cleaning!

If I make it through the kitchen I think a good reward is a few new song downloads on itunes.. A new CD always makes cleaning a little easier!

Spring Cleaning the Living Room takes even more time than the kitchen but it sure is a little easier. A big part of Spring Cleaning for us is Purging… we collect so much stuff over the year, sometimes we end up with 2 of the same board game or movie. The closet where we keep all that stuff isn’t in the living room but it is where we use it all.. I started a couple weeks ago and went through most of it (so we could claim the donation on our taxes!) I think one extra step I might take this year is cutting down on how much SPACE the DVD’S and CD’S take up, there are a lot of option for storing them now, some are expensive and some are not. I need to find a solution that will take up less space AND not put a huge dent in the budget.. I found THESE called Disc Sox, they seem like a pretty good idea.. Hoping to find something similar with a lower price tag! I actually took some of our DVD’s we weren’t going to be watching again and got just over $40 for them! I was amazed that the TV on DVD still gets a pretty good price. I used that money to buy some disc holders.. They are plain and each hold 80!

~Once I get done purging and am ready to move on to the real cleaning I start by throwing the toss pillows and throw blankets in the washer. When they are done most of the throws get put away until fall.

~Move the rug into another area and cover it lightly with baking soda, then rub it in, if you have kids I bet they can do a good job of rubbing it in with their feet and socks on! I will vacuum it later. If that’s not how you clean your rug you can do the old fashioned beating… also probably ok for kids to help with! I like to take it out first since dust will just settle on it once I start dusting!

~Dust top to bottom, behind and under. Behind our TV gets HORRIBLE.. The TV is a dust magnet and it gets so hot with all the dust back there. I have heard some people rub dryer sheets on them to help repel the dust, we don’t use dryer sheets so I haven’t tried it. Don’t forget to dust the books too!

~Is it time to update those pictures in the frames? If you are taking them down might as well clean them too! I try to change out our pictures every couple months.. The kids notice and enjoy talking about the new pictures!

~Take the cushions off the couches and collect all that change you didn’t know you had.. And at our house it comes with 3 Barbie shoes and a dozen random ponyville pieces. Vacuum underneath and all the cracks. While I have the cushions off I spray the homemade freshener spray under the cushions.

~Clean the furniture. We have micro fiber that shows EVERYTHING, but luckily I have had good luck getting all the spots off with baby wipes, when the wipes don’t work I get the portable steamer out!

~I use the portable steamer on all the furniture anyway.. Steam sanitizes and hopefully any stinky smells go away with it! After they are dried I use the freshener spray on them as well.

~Mirrors if you have them do they deserve a good cleaning? Mine do! I do mine the same time as the windows and fireplace glass.

~I tend to move the furniture around this time of year also.. Just so something is different (for a little while at least)

I feel like I am missing some major things this time… Any ideas?!


  1. I just started my spring cleaning this week,I am going room by room one a day.It feels so good to know my home is clean.Do you have a recipe for the homemade freshener spray?I would love to try some.

  2. Yeah! It's on a post somewhere around here. I use a fingertip sprayer, from the travel size section of the store, fill it about halfway with rubbing alcohol and then the other half with any lotion you like, I prefer either baby lotions or bath and body works silky ones.. I think they dissolve better. I just shake it up really good and spray away! Ive never had it leave a mark on anything but try somewhere out of site first!

  3. We just watched an infomercial for the Shark portable steamer. Is that the one you have? I really want one, but wanted to talk to someone who already has one first, to see if it's worth it... So, how do you like it?

  4. Im spring cleaning as well. Im doing it room by room as well. Im so excited because I finally finished the laundry room and the best part, hubby noticed....WOOHOO! We are also biog purgers in the spring as well, its very liberating!

    I am definatley going to try that spray, thats amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I too am considering a Shark portable steamer as well. I was also wondering how well you like it and if you would recommend purchasing one. I am thinking about the Shark floor steamer for my kitchen too!

  6. I LOVE the floor steamer.. I use it much more than the portable one.. but the portable one is amazing for bathrooms and mattresses!



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