23 March 2010

Cute Spring Treat.. or Alice in Wonderland goodie!

I thought I had posted these on here already.. Guess not! I pretty much LOVE Mushrooms/toadstools LOVE them.. they come in a close 3rd behind gnomes and cupcakes for things I love!  These would be a perfect present for people who love Alice in Wonderland, like students earning a librarian degree. Michelle @ BaileyDaisy sent me a link to the mold for these and as soon as I saw them I HAD to have them!  I've only made them once and it was EASY!! I use the candy melts from Wilton... I just melted some white first, used a toothpick to make some circles, stuck it in the fridge to harden up.. then did the red and coverd the area with a toothpick (I made mine with peanut butter filling) I filled the stems and put them in the fridge for just a few minutes then stuck the sucker sticks in, but you don't have to make them suckers!  I just mixed some pb, powdered sugar and milk in a bowl, moved it to a piping bag, filled the mushrooms and the covered the filling and put them all back in the fridge to harden,  to stick the stems to the caps I just used some melts also, then back to the fridge!  Oh the colors I could do (if I wasn't in a huge hurry that day.. had a FUN trip to the cloth diaper store!)  I am excited to do them again, after a trip for some more melts and maybe some different filling! Bakeitpretty.com carries the mold (I got mine on ebay). Please share if you make some too.. I would love to see all the different variations!!


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