31 March 2010

A bunch of unfinished projects!

The main 3 are the kids rooms though.. I’m not sure why none of them are done! It seems like we slowly decide what we want to do in them and then it takes even longer to get it done.. I am hoping to finish one of their rooms soon! With all this rain and big kids willing to help I should be able to make some progress! The baby's room is also the playroom. He doesn't have anything other than a crib with a few drawers attached. We got the crib as a hand me down and it has worked so far.. just feel a little stuck about how I can arrange his room with the crib (because it is soo big it only fits on 1 wall) AND the playroom stuff (kitchen, BOOKS.. BOOKS...BOOKS and toys). There are some curtains up in his room that are way too long.. they have been up for a month or so and I haven't hemmed them! The room was our daughters when we first moved in.. but the girl has BIG furniture so we moved her to another room and decided it would be the playroom and now it's the babies room and occasionally the big kids play in there. Through all these changes there hasn't been any paint, because I can't decide!! It is plain old builder beige flat paint with a ton of hand prints, crayon marks and spots where the paint has been rubbed right off! I think I *might* be decided on a color. I am too embarrassed to even post before pics!! So I am hoping to get working on it and get it done.. The weekend is a few days away, maybe I can get all the parts I can do by myself done and get some help this weekend, well Saturday anyway. Hopefully my next post will be a FINISHED room for the little one!

Taking some inspiration from these sites
http://cobblestonefarms.blogspot.com/ cute accessories!
And a few others.. If I use a specific idea I will share the website!


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