19 February 2010

Spring Cleaning.. Already?

Spring Cleaning!!!

I realize it is the MIDDLE of winter right now.. but here in Oregon it is NOTHING like Winter and JUST like spring.. 63 and SUNSHINE!!!  I am all antsy to clean and move stuff around and get outside and hopefully start some gardening!  I have a list of everything I do for Seasonal cleaning... but every year it changes!! I had a couple posts last year but I feel like this year is different... adding another baby changes stuff.

Last year I did everything by room and some stuff got missed... so I am doing it a little different.. I have a list of stuff that needs to be done in every room (like floor boards and heater vents) and then a list for each room. Seasonal Cleaning can be a lot of work for me if I don't keep up on the work that needs to be done every week or so. Planning now gives me plenty of time to start and get it all done and not be overwhelmed or cleaning ALL day.. that just doesn't work with 3 kids! I think the longest stretch I am guaranteed in 1 day is an hour. As I am making my list I try to estimate how long it will take and fit them in as I have time, this is different than I have done in the past, I have always done top to bottom. Hoping this way will work out better!

Every Room List
~Dust the corners and ceiling, if that's not something you do regularly.
~Wipe down walls if it's been a while (kid prints are everywhere here!) I use a water and vinegar mix and a rag.. but don't rub too hard if you have flat paint.
~Vacuum and wipe down floor boards... Vacuum them first so you aren't making mud if they are dusty. I use the same water/vinegar and rag for this too.
~Clean out the light fixtures.. I don't know HOW they get soo much dust in them, but EWW!
~Touch up paint.. I've talked before about the Rubbermaid Paint Buddies.. they are small and have a roller built in, could be a time saver!
~Vacuum the heater vents
~Clean the Window treatments (blinds, curtains)
~Clean the windows.. and tracks.. I get the vacuum out first, then the q-tips and vinegar mix for the tracks!
~Replace any burned out light bulbs.. or if you get a good deal on them, replace old bulbs with the high efficiency ones!
~Replace the smoke detector batteries, if you don't do it on Day Light Savings ( March 14th!)
~deep clean the carpets (make sure you vacuum first!)

I realize my methods don't work for everyone... Martha Stewart also has a printable Spring cleaning checklist HERE.

I will post my Kitchen list soon! Hope everyone gets some nice weather this weekend!


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