01 February 2010

Home Goods Find

I love Home Goods but rarely get to go because it is at least 90 minutes away and we just don't head to the "big city" that often, but it is right next to Ikea and we needed to get a couple things there, so I was able to stop in for a few minutes. I had been checking anthropologie.com for their Latte Bowls to go on sale every week. They have gone on sale but only a few colors (none I was interested in). I could not believe the very first thing I saw when I walked into Home Goods was Latte Bowls in the very color I was hoping for, and at a MUCH lower price! They are cute huh?!They also come in pink and yellow, in the Easter display section. I think they are great spring colors but they also match our polka dot dishes which have a variety of colors on them, I just love the shape of latte bowls though, couldn't pass them up!So if you have a Home Goods near you, go get em..the employee there said they had put them out that morning, a BUNCH and had 2 left after I snagged 4! I think I will use these for my first Table scape Thursday!

Still planning on posting my freshened up HMB too.. maybe after nap time!


  1. Can't wait to see your tablescape!

    Just wanted to let you know at Michael's in the dollar section they had the cutest "farm style" lip gloss. I immediately thought of Carsyn. I snapped some up for my 2 younger daughters for valentine's.

  2. I really like your blog and I love Home Goods. I just bought a couple of lamps there this weekend. Visiting from MBC. I'm not following you.

  3. How cute!! I love HomeGoods... our nearest store is 3 hours away though. Boooo. Glad you found them in the colors you wanted! They are too cute! :)



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