09 February 2010

Even though I said I wouldn't!!

I did end up finding 1 Valentines Day item that I couldn't pass up.. when I first bought this bunting, or banner, pendant whatever you call em, it had hot glued letters that said Be My Valentine... the letters just weren't my style.. but I can use this one for SOO many holidays, I just couldn't pass it up! This is not where I plan on putting it ever.. but I am short and cannot reach the insides of the top of the windows.. Waiting for my hubby to put it up when he has time.. hopefully this week, or I will just put it away for my Summer Stuff!! The red with just barely off white polka dots and the fluffy edges were just perfect!!

And I took a couple pictures of my Home Management Binder too.. My photo skills are lacking though, but I think you get the idea!

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Hey, I have one of those bills; we go to SPC too! ;0)

  2. i love your valentine flag! i pulled out some decorations and they're
    still sitting in their bags...

  3. You are so organized! I love the idea of a home management binder.. might have to steal your idea ;-)

  4. You should! It makes everything SO much easier :)

  5. What a darling blog you have! You are sure a busy bee! Thanks for visiting mine. I fixed the lead to my daughters photography blog in Oregon!


  6. The link for last year's St. Patrick's day doesn't appear to be working?

  7. LOVE the polka dot pennants! Absolutely darling!!



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