09 February 2010

Even though I said I wouldn't!!

I did end up finding 1 Valentines Day item that I couldn't pass up.. when I first bought this bunting, or banner, pendant whatever you call em, it had hot glued letters that said Be My Valentine... the letters just weren't my style.. but I can use this one for SOO many holidays, I just couldn't pass it up! This is not where I plan on putting it ever.. but I am short and cannot reach the insides of the top of the windows.. Waiting for my hubby to put it up when he has time.. hopefully this week, or I will just put it away for my Summer Stuff!! The red with just barely off white polka dots and the fluffy edges were just perfect!!

And I took a couple pictures of my Home Management Binder too.. My photo skills are lacking though, but I think you get the idea!

Happy Tuesday!!


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