13 July 2009

Collage for the impossible wall!

Found these frames at Dollar Tree.. I like the shape, HATED the gold accent( inside the black ).. just used some acrylic paint and painted right over the goldish color! Now they will work.. 10 frames for $11, I had to buy some black paint. They also had some SUPER cute white square frames and the dark red ones..

The White ones are empty still.. need to make it to the craft store for some paper and some letters, and some rub-ons. The little black ledge is from Target $5! I had the clock already, just hadn't been using it, IKEA. The little red star I snagged out of our son's room... he has a lot of stars and won't miss this one. The Willow tree plaque was a gift, it's been in a drawer for a few years.. Glad to find a spot for it finally! I still have some more black frames to paint and add, but they don't have pictures yet. The off white thing on the bottom is a iron rusty key in a lock.. the key stick out so you can hang something. Not sure if I will hang anything though.

Have plans for a Moon Sand party Wednesday, hope the recipe I have works! And I guess I am too late for local strawberries.. so I am planning on a different recipe.. Can't find a Philly Cheese steak one that will work exactly.. so I am going to throw some stuff together and see how it does in the crock pot.
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08 July 2009

Summer is going by too fast!

Feeling like summer is FLYING by and haven't done anything with the kids, around the house or tried any new recipe's, yikes! I am hoping to try some new "projects" with the kids, aiming for 1 a week and some house projects that I can do alone.. being pregnant kind of limits me! And I am hoping to try 1 new recipe a week too!This week has been crazy.. My husband was on vacation so we had a long weekend away and it feels like I missed Monday completely! So I have this week to plan and hopefully get some supplies!

Found a recipe online for some homemade "Moon Sand" I want to try, and since strawberries are still fresh I want to attempt a strawberry pie.. I am a pro at messing pie's up! I have been working on one small hard to reach wall area at our house since we moved in, it's had candle holder and pictures there.. I just need to do something different. I am hoping to find some goodies at Dollar Tree I can turn into a collage that will fill the space nicely. I will share the recipe's with pictures.. and let y'all know if they are any good!

Off to look for some frames at Dollar Tree that I can make work. Check back soon for a update!

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