15 December 2017

Meal Plan January

Meal planning has me like 🙄😜 It's been a year plus since we have had a real plan. Maybe by starting in mid December it will help me out in January?  I really have to do this though. Budgeting and working on debt are still priorities, and winging it just doesn't work well into that.  

Knowing that January is full of basketball, and basketball and Cheer coaching.  I've added "make 4 freezer meals" to my to do list and making plans for 2 weeks at a time. I can do my big grocery shop and then add produce and whatever I forgot in a couple smaller trips.

It feels a little weird to make a meal plan for so far from now, but I'm going to try. And there are always sides of veggies and fruits too. I just don't list them. 

1. Pizza (from home) 
2. Tacos 
3. Tomato Ravioli Soup
4. Grilled cheese
5. Chinese (from home)
6. Loaded potatoes (leftovers too)
7. Pot Roast
8. Chicken spaghetti 
9. Tacos
10. Chicken tortilla soup 
11. PB bacon sandwiches 
12. Spaghetti 
13. Meatballs/potatoes 
14. BBQ pork sandwiches 

I actually have very little faith that I would be able to keep up so I am just going to do the whole month, maybe by February I can have that month done too! 

15. Wild rice/Turkey/veggie bake
16. Chicken enchilada casserole 
17. Mac N Cheese 
18. Ham and potato soup 
19. Homemade pizza 
20. Stroganoff 
21. Chicken spaghetti 
22. Chinese 
23. Tacos 
24. Grilled cheese/pesto/soup
25. Leftovers/Mac n Cheese 
26. Breakfast 
27. Meatballs/potatoes 
28. Pot Roast

I love that January 1st is a Monday! I love Mondays and I love new beginnings, or the idea of them, fresh starts and all that. 
I've got my big list of meals in my planner, I can use my freezer and pantry stock to make our plan and our grocery bill fit. 

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