30 August 2017

Nightly Routine for Easier Mornings

Our mornings start EARLY, and I hate to get the day started on the wrong foot. Sometimes that happens anyway, but most days I can do a little work the night before to make mornings run smooth!
It doesn't take long, and every minute is usually worth it.
I leave about 15-20 minutes before bed to run through this routine real quick.

The kids each have a little journal in their Good Morning Basket, I try to just write them a little note, or reminders for the day, if something is our usual schedule.
Prep Lunches & Coffee
I am much more with it in the evening than early in the morning, and that coffee is important :)
Breakfast Prep
Just check to make sure nothing needs to be thawed or put it in the Instant Pot
Because waking up to an empty sink is AMAZING!
Laundry Prep
I just put a load in the washer, and if it's full already I will start it, if not I just wait for the mornings dirty clothes.
Quick Overall Tidy
Walk through and put things in the right room, bedding and put trash in bin
Check Planner
To make sure we don't have anything out of our norm the next day!
Self Care
Take care of my teeth and hopefully something to counteract these wrinkles lol
Getting to bed on time is Self Care too!

Do you feel like you stay up later and later just to have a little alone time, time where you aren't doing kid stuff, or doing something for someone else?
 That was me for years! Ended up being more tired in the morning and everything was more difficult. I switched it up and went to bed earlier, and get up earlier and have MORE time for me and I am not a tired groggy mess in the morning!

Anything you do routinely at night to help with the next day?

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