31 January 2017

February Goals 2017

I am already doing better planning my February goals than I did for January.
February is ridiculously busy for us. We have tournament basketball for 1 kiddo, and regular season for 2 others. I am not going to make my goals smaller, but will be heavy on the GRACE, grace, GRACE. Planning big.

SELF~January was super, I planned some time with friends with no kids, and went to a concert too. Even those 2 little breaks help me feel refreshed. I have somehow managed to miss MOPS for the last 4 times. I need that adult interaction time.

This month, chances of me squeezing in any kid free time are slim. Still planning some mini hikes with the kids. I love the quick little break, sunshine and trees <3 p="">

HEALTH~ Diet bet is over, not too shabby! I think I might try the step bet this month. We have lots of swamped weekends, so really my only goal is to be prepared for the weekends and keep up on my water! 

FINANCIAL~ I probably could have done a LOT better on the meal planning. But did put some extra to that Home Depot Bill ;) Have our budget all set up.  So the plan for this month is to meal plan for REAL this month. Stick to my grocery budget and put the leftover to debt.

RELATIONSHIPS~ Birthday celebrations and basketball will keep us busy. But I am hoping to squeeze a kid date in around Valentines Day. Last month we had a couple 1 on 1 dates and a lot of family dates!

HOUSE~ January was a productive month! Kitchen cabinets are built, and almost done with paint. Couple more coats on a few drawers and the doors. Knobs picked out, handles purchased. 
I am hoping to finish the kitchen this month! We have cabinets to finish, counter tops to have installed, some barn wood to install and a vent hood. This might be a little ambitious considering we have NO free weekend days all month.  I also want to keep up on my organizing schedule and get the garden plan done and prepped. Some raised beds, some fencing and sprinkler installation. Not sure when that will happen though. 

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