28 September 2016

Speedy Fall Cleaning Family Room

I didn't Fall Clean last year, we had just moved in and nothing really needed deep cleaning. It needed organizing and everything else that comes with moving in.

But this year, oh goodness does it ever need it! 
 I am starting fresh in this smaller house, should take less time! 
I put an experimental recipe, or lack of, in the Instant Pot and some good music and it should only take an afternoon!

 I have always started in the kitchen, switching it up this year and working on the Family Room. 
Anything that gets done with my weekly cleaning won't be on this deep cleaning list.
~Wipe down walls
~Window Tracks, before it turns to mud!
~Vacuum, Wipe and Touch Up Baseboards
~Wipe Down Doors and Touch Up Paint
~Heather Vents.. clean them out and wipe down
~Swap Pictures in frames if I have them
~Wash Curtains
~Fireplace.. put the grate in and take the candles out
~Vacuum behind all of the electronics
~Spot Clean Upholstery and Vacuum out couch
~Quick Clutter Sweep
 Then the rewards for getting that all done!
Put throw blankets and extra pillows out
New Candles or Scentsy

Then it's all ready for Halloween Decorations! 

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