29 July 2016

Back to School Goals!

Summer is fun and all but I love the routines of school time too! Last year was so OFF for us. New school, new morning routine with bus riding, having a baby that slept like a newborn, and a new house in shambles. Most of that is settled now.  I feel like we let so much slide and now I have August to get back on track after almost 2 years of being off our game.  School starts the end of August for us, exactly 1 month from today.. Yikes!
Just a few things I want to have ready before then, some routines in place, some work done.

Put Up Decorations
And be real about what I am keeping, not sure I will need all 6 banners we have in that bin.

Sports Area in Garage

Outfits picked out for middle 2 
While I still can 😭😭

Get a Command Center set up
This is unlikely but I would love for it to be wrapped up, or even started!

Not worrying about any of it this weekend, but hoping Monday is kind!

And I know our after schools are going to be so weird now that we have 1 kiddo who won't be home until a bit later. But figuring out afternoons is on the list to figure out after a month or so. 

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