26 May 2016


Homemakers who are discouraged, going to share some real life stuff with y'all. I am sure I am not the only one who has a hard time with this sometimes. It makes me sad when people say they wish they could organize like Suzie, cook like Martha, craft like so and so, had their friends house. We have to just stop already, all that time we (I am guilty of it too) are wasting wishing for something else when we can easily be doing just what we are meant to in our own homes!

I'm not going to tell you that everyone has messy spots in their house, cause I have no idea. I know that the internet, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook give a vibe of sunshine and roses and floors with no scratches. Also, I don't know what their priorities are, and I don't need to know. I need to know what mine are and focus on them! I will still love Pinterest and the like, and to check out other people's homes and style but I won't compare them to mine. For all I know they have a chef or eat out everyday, maybe they have no kids, maybe they sent their kids to camp for a week and staged their home for a bunch of pictures to be released over the next 5 months. Don't think that doesn't happen. I promise stuff like that is happening.

The point is, make your home with love for the people in it and know that wherever that leaves it, whether it's a garage full of stuff you can't part with all in a heap, or 5 perfectly staged bedrooms.It's fine, it's right. If you are making your priorities a priority, whatever they are for you and your family,  and y'all feel happy at home then it's exactly perfect!