11 December 2015

12 Weeks of Christmas {Week 11}

In the 11th week of planning, and this week is the LAST week before our kids will be home from school!!!!

Sooo for me that means a whole lot of wrapping. I don't want to attempt it while they are home.

I have a big list for this week because I don't want anything but FUN next week when the kids are home!

Especially if you are having guests. I use my Fall Cleaning list as a guide.

~Finish Food Prep
Freeze what you can, mix your dry ingredients for other stuff.

~Finish Gifts for Hosts and Teachers

~Mail Cards
If you haven't already

~Wrap Up Decorating
I got a good start but I have been watching for sale items so it's pretty bare here still!

Hope you are all enjoying the season and leaving the stress part out of it!