21 September 2015

Meal Plan September {Week 4}

It's going to be nice weather here all week! We have 2 birthday boys and 1 birthday party.
So pretty much it's going to be a fun busy week and interesting meals.

Monday~Pot Roast
Just been sounding super good lately!
I am going to try THIS recipe from The Organic Kitchen. It's a little different but looks SO pretty and tasty!

It's Hawkins first birthday and double practice day's.
I need something everyone will eat without complaint so we can celebrate our big 1 year old.
And who can say no to 10 minutes TOTAL time to homemade Mac N Cheese?! Total Mom Saver!

Wednesday~ No idea!
It's Finn's Birthday and he is old enough to choose what he wants to have for dinner.
This sweet faced baby will probably ask for Starbucks banana bread and ice cream!
Thursday~ Ravioli and Salad
I am picking up some ravioli at Trader Joe's and making some sauce at home. Making extra sauce to freeze and thicken up for Pizza's next week.

Everyone loves them!


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