08 May 2015

May Goals

I am so behind on May, pretty much because I can't believe it's not April still.
The last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind around here. We have been busy with ball games and practice and we FOUND A HOUSE!

That seems to be taking up a whole lot of time. So far things are going smoothly with it. We don't close for another 7 ish weeks though.  It's in rough shape and needs some TLC. Neither one of us have ever dealt with contractors, permits, rules etc. So this is a new adventure for us.

I am excited and still a little nervous. The unknown can be a little nerve wracking. I am just trying to not stress about it, and let things just happen.

So my goals for May, other than surviving baseball/softball season are:
~Slowly go through stuff again. We have been in this rental over 6 months now, in every season but Summer. Chances are if we haven't used it, gone looking for it then we don't need it.
~After going through stuff, pack the stuff we won't need. Winter coats and Halloween decorations for sure.
~Figure out what we are doing for school next year, get that all set up.
~Sign up for Summer activities, before things get even crazier around here!
~Use the groceries we have, be better about meal planning and grocery shopping. I just bought 2 more cans of olives. We have 6 already. Whoops.

And for the first time in forever ( I know you mamas sang that Frozen style) drink more water is NOT on my goals list. It's been going so much better!  Also not on my list is working out. Psssh, I give up for now. Maybe once this sweet muffin baby is a little better sleeper, I will try again. 

I don't want to wish May away, but I am SO SO excited for June! Schools out, berries are ripe, that whole new house adventure will be approaching.

Eh, 1 out of 4. Oh well. The others aren't time specific, they will be back :)