26 February 2015

No Candy Easter Basket Stuffers!

With Easter just 5 weeks away I thought now would be the perfect time to share some of the stuff we are filling baskets with this year.

Call me cheap, but I take this time to buy essentials for the upcoming season! Also, we are avoiding excess so it won't be a list of stickers or toys that no one will be playing with in 2 months.No stuffed animals to collect dust or sit on a shelf.
Sharing a list of some of our past and current stuffers. Something for babies, bigger kids and teens!
My top 50 non budget busting items that won't be in the donate pile or garbage in 6 months.

Beach Towel
Beach Toys
 Gardening Gloves
Seed Packets
Little Pots
Tooth Brush
Children's Bible
 Shampoo, Lotion or Body Wash
Flash Cards
Swim Suit
Baby Food/Fruit Veggie Pouches
Itunes Gift Cards
Bubble Liquid
Pacifier for Baby
Pacifier Holders
Hair Pretties
Sippy Cup
Travel Cup
Baseball Mitt
Baseball Helmet
Hand Tattoos
Pack of Gum
Summer Hat
Teething Toys
Baby Puff Snacks
Amber Necklace
Suck Pads for Baby Carrier
Experiences: Movie, Zoo, Aquarium, Trampoline Park
Jamberry Nail Wraps
Kid Silverware
Baby Spoons
Beef Jerky
Band Aids
Fun Straws
Fancy Soft Drink
Jump Rope
Tank Top/Shirt
Golf Balls
Washi Tape

I have a big list of EGG fillers coming up too!