05 January 2015

Why I Get Up Early

Getting up just 30 minutes earlier than you do now will give you 3 and a half hours to get stuff done EVERY WEEK!! Looking at it that way helped me set my alarm a little earlier.

I can't tell you how many times people look at me like I am crazy when I tell them my alarm is set for 4:45AM. Then they typically ask WHY I would do such a thing. Here is my why.

The basic reason I get up before everyone else (please LORD let it be before anyone else!!) is to get things done. But it's not just any old things. I want to be awake and not groggy or grumpy when I see my family when they wake up. I need to be ready for the day to give them my best, my whole best, not my sleepy best.

There are more specific reasons but really, they are all to get things done. Some other things would likely suffer if I didn't do my thing in the wee hours.  Things like breakfast, kids would likely have cereal everyday or some other convenience breakfast and that is just not how I want them to start their day. Lunches similarly, hubby probably would not have what he needs to take for work and kids would be without a hot lunch in their thermos.  This might not SEEM like a big deal to many but for us it is important for many reasons. We do what we can to keep the kids healthy, part of that is managing what they eat. The budget would surely suffer if the kids and hubby didn't have a lunch from home everyday.

How you can do it too!
1. Have a morning and night routine
This helps the whole process, routines can help build habits. I'm going to share my routines soon. They really are what make the difference for me!

2. Go to bed and get up about the same time every day
I try to keep mine within a 15 minute window.

3. Have something you are getting up FOR.
 Something you want to accomplish. For me it's typically sending the kids and hubby off in the morning, maybe that isn't your thing. Is reading a book a month, working out, even a certain tv show you can't watch with the kids awake? All reason to get up earlier!

4. NO SNOOZING! Snooze is my frienemy! I love it and I hate it.
I still use it a couple times a week, those days that 9 minutes makes all the difference.

5. Enlist a friend! 
Chances are you aren't the only one that needs help to get going in the morning. A Good Morning text or phone call from a friend is a good way to be accountable. You can't call your friend if you are still asleep.

6. Start out right
Get dressed right away, make the bed, no temptation to climb back in bed, no cozy pajamas to keep me at a sleepy pace


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