14 January 2015

Why Cleaning Matters to Me

Why it matters to me that is. I want to serve and be a blessing to our family. As a wife I should serve my husband and as a mom, our kids. When we have guests, my job as a hostess is to serve. It's one way I can show them love. Striving to be a good and CHEERFUL servant in that aspect. Keeping things tidy because it's more pleasing than a disaster. Keeping it tidy around here allows me to spend more time on what really matters, the people in our life!
I don't ever want to be ashamed or embarrassed about what our home looks like if someone comes over, or decline the offer out of fear of what it looks like here. Worrying about the crumbs on the floor and the dishes in the sink can really be distracting and I don't like to be that type of friend. I want to be present in the conversation, 100%.  I want to show my family and our friends how important they are when they are in our home.
 Cleaning, even though it sometimes feels like a thankless job is how I can show them.
What motivates you to keep your home tidy?

 Some other reasons why cleaning is important to me?
I sleep better when things are in order and I am more creative and productive when my surroundings aren't in shambles.

I can tell you it is NOT easy! Everyday I have to remind myself why I should be managing our home. Some days I don't convince myself and those days happen to everyone once in a while. Thankfully, with the right 'tude we can get back on track.
 I really kind of got out of my weekly routine when we moved. This first month I think the only real cleaning I did besides dishes was when I moved stuff it maybe got some of the dust knocked off of it!

I don't want to waste another day where I could serve the people around me and show them how I care. I feel like these last 2 weeks I have done a much better job, getting more into the routine of it. Trying to be thankful we found a place for now that is safe and works for us. Being cheerful even though it is the 3rd time I have swept in 2 days, when it feels like NO ONE appreciates it. I have to remind myself I am not doing it for the recognition from anyone. I do it to serve, plain and simple. When I stop expecting appreciation to be verbalized or shown by a certain 5, 7 and 9 year old, it's better!

“Whenever you get opportunity to serve, serve with all your heart.”
Lailah Gifty Akita


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