06 January 2015

Refining Mornings~ Kid Edition

Working on making home more home like is not a 1 Mama job, it takes team work. No one wants to be on my team in the mornings! I think we can all wake up a little unmotivated. Sharing what we are working on for the kids to make this place Home.

In an ideal world the kids CHORE PACKS would resolve much of the pokeyness we have in the morning. But in reality, I think I am the only one that has picked them up in months!  They may need some updating.

This week I am going to work on finishing up our morning plans and tweaking the routine to see if we can all get back on track!

 To make mornings run smoother we have our Good Morning Basket. I got out of the habit of encouraging it's use and keeping it stocked. That has been reimplemented! It is a little different now, here it is with our regular daily vitamins, kids devotional and the newly added DoTerra OnGuard beadlets. We have been healthy for a good while (until last week) and I want to get us and keep us that way!

Sometimes in the mornings I get a little busy with the baby, making breakfast, vetoing outfits (REALLY hoping this can be a thing of the past soon) prepping lunches and dinner and drinking my 3rd cup of coffee. I recently added these little notebooks and added a reminder to myself in my nightly to do's about leaving them a note in the morning. I wish I could say I had the brains in the morning to tell them each individually something for the day and remember important stuff. I don't, and I want their days to start out super. I wish I had a little note to start my day off better.
They fit perfect in the basket!

This is how our perfect morning for our kids would go (starting with not being up super early)
It's not identical for each kiddo, some shower at night.

~Get Dressed
 (and put dirty clothes in bin)
~Make Bed
Just put books on shelf and pull up blankets, we don't expect perfect
~Tidy Room  
Picking up MOST of the mess, 1 type of toy out is fine. All of them out? Not so much.
~Good Morning
This is all in the Good Morning Basket. Vitamins, Notebook, Devotional and Breakfast
~Pack Lunch
I make their thermos stuff, they choose the rest. 2 snacks, fruit or veggie and cheese or yogurt.
~Brush Hair and Teeth
This is the part that takes them the longest each morning! 
~Back Pack
Make sure they have what they need for the day


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